London’s Most Popular Family Attractions: 8 Things Kids Will Love

Popular Family Attractions in London
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What would you recommend for kids visiting London? There are lots of attractions for adults too, but what makes these family-friendly places stand out? The UK capital has plenty of things to see, including museums, galleries, parks and gardens. There are also loads of fun activities for children, such as roller coasters, puppet shows, swimming pools and zoos. If travelling with young ones, it’s important to plan and consider what they’ll enjoy. Several attractions are suitable for families – from castles to art galleries, water parks to theme parks. Here are eight of our favourites.

Tower Bridge (London City)

This famous bridge is a great place to start any sightseeing trip around the city centre. It’s best known for its lift which takes visitors up to the top and provides a stunning view over the River Thames. The bridge itself is two bridges joined together – the original 1894 Tower Bridge was destroyed in World War II and this replica opened to traffic in 1967. At this point there were only four lifts, so each ride took around 40 minutes! Today, the lift can take passengers to the top in just 12 seconds.

London Aquarium (Regent’s Park)                                                                                  Popular Family Attractions in London

It’s no secret that fish love saltwater, so what better place to explore than one of the world’s largest aquariums?! The London Aquarium houses more than 9,000 exhibits representing some 1,800 species, making it a fascinating attraction for both kids and adults looking for something educational and exciting to do on their visit to London. As well as large tanks full of sea creatures native to the area, smaller tanks are showing how humans have influenced the natural environment.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (Trafalgar Square)

One of London’s most popular tourist attractions, the Madame Tussauds wax museum lets visitors step inside rooms re-created from celebrities’ homes where wax figures depict the lives of famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Abraham Lincoln. Visitors can get close to wax versions of their favourite stars thanks to interactive features within the displays.

Sea Life London (Olympia Docks)

No trip to London would be complete without a day at the seaside, and this giant aquarium located on the banks of the River Thames is the perfect spot to spend time splashing about in fresh water. More than 2,500 animals call Sea Life London home, ranging from playful penguins and ethereal jellyfish to playful otters, graceful swans and colorful tropical fish.

Natural History Museum (South Kensington)

Did you know that dinosaurs were given their name because they were ‘hidden from the common herd’? Well, if you ever find yourself visiting London’s Natural History Museum, then you can learn exactly why these prehistoric beasts earned their nicknames… The Natural History Museum is full of amazing artifacts and specimens that date back millions of years; it’s one of the most visited sites in London.

Tate Modern (Kingdom Road)

What do you get when you combine Britain’s oldest gallery, one of the country’s leading modern art institutions, with an industrial powerhouse specializing in visual technology?! You get Tate Modern, the former BP building turned into the Tate Modern Art Gallery in 2000. Its collections range from post-impressionism to British pop art—and everything in between.

Kew Gardens (Kensal Rise)

With nearly eight hundred different kinds of trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers represented, this botanical garden has enough diversity to keep even the keenest of plant enthusiasts happy. Located near Hyde Park in west London, Kew Gardens contain several museums including the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Palace, and the Palm House.

Tower Bridge (Tower Hill).

When it was built in 1894, Tower Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It cost almost £1 million ($1.5 million today) and towers over the River Thames just South of the City of London. Spanning the river, the bridge is 13 miles long, and its spectacular 840 feet high arch spans the Thames Gorge.

Westminster Abbey (Whitehall).

The centerpiece of Trafalgar Square, this magnificent Gothic church dates back to 1088 but was extensively rebuilt after suffering severe damage during the Second World War. Westminster Abbey is open daily and free entry is permitted, though photography is prohibited.

St Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul’s Cathedral stands as the largest Anglican cathedral in the English-speaking world. It is also known for its striking copper spire and imposing stature.

Buckingham Palace (Regent Street).

Buckingham Palace lies at the heart of London’s royal district. As such, it plays a very important role in the lives of the British people who live here. The palace sits fairly isolated from the other major attractions in London.

Churchill War Rooms (Cambridge Heath Rd, opposite Downing Street)

This impressive war museum occupies some two hundred thousand square feet of space . This attracts more than half a million visitors each year. Featuring exhibits dedicated to all aspects of life during WWII, as well as personal items of  people who worked there . The museum provides fascinating glimpses into what life was like in 1940s Britain.

The Bottom Line.

Looking for a little culture, history, or shopping while you’re in town? These top attractions will help make your visit unforgettable.You can also play Free Casino Games whilst you are in London with your family.