Cool Things to Do in London This Summer

Many people’s favourite time of year in London is during the summer. Spending every bright moment outside… worried about insects and tan lines, the long nights and the smell of flowers

London, on the surface, cannot compete with traditional summer destinations since it lacks a beach and a warm climate. Nevertheless, it makes up for it with a slew of fascinating events and activities available only from June through August.

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Without further ado, let’s share with you some of the best places and things you can do this summer in London.


Notting Hill Carnival

This vibrant street event honouring Caribbean culture is Europe’s largest street celebration, with a parade route that passes through numerous West London neighbourhoods. Every year during the August Bank Holiday Weekend, take the tube to Westbourne Park or Notting Hill Gate and stroll to the parade area.

You can either stand or watch the floats with steel bands, DJs, and throngs of dancers pass by, or you can follow afloat if their style appeals to you. Food trucks sprinkled around the parade routes serve jerk chicken and other Caribbean specialities. Every year, millions of people attend the carnival, with the main parade taking place on Monday and Sunday being the traditional family day.

Relax in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the people’s favourite park for some reason. It is a large, historic park with beautiful botany exhibits and a collection of public statues and sculptures. Hyde Park, in the heart of London, has hosted political discussions, demonstrations, and concerts by well-known bands and performers.

Open-air Cinema screenings

Watching a great film on location adds to the emotional impact of the plot. Imagine watching Jaws on a lake in a dinghy or a great horror film in a graveyard (do not worry, not all of the possibilities are that terrifying). Throughout the summer in London, there are a variety of outdoor cinema screenings in locations such as Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, a River Thames ferry, and other rooftops.

Chelsea Flower Show

This event, hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, brings together the top landscape designers from across the world to compete for the greatest flower gardens. Every year, more conceptual works are produced with startling creative effects.

There are also gardening tips and talks on topics ranging from plant healing to environmental protection.

The nearest tube station is Sloane Square, which is located within the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Many of the plants and flowers are offered at steep discounts on the festival’s final day, so keep that in mind if you appreciate a good deal.

 Shakespeare in the Park

Witness the magic of live theatre unfold under the open sky at Shakespeare’s Globe. Catch a classic comedy or be moved by a timeless tragedy, all while soaking up the sun and the unique atmosphere of this historic venue.

Picnics and Plays in Regent’s Park

Spread out a blanket in the vast greens of Regent’s Park, pack a delicious picnic, and enjoy a free open-air performance. From Shakespearean sonnets to contemporary comedies, there’s something for everyone to savour.

National Gallery Treasure Hunt

Embark on a self-guided scavenger hunt through the National Gallery’s iconic collection. Hunt for hidden symbols, quirky details, and captivating stories behind the masterpieces, turning art appreciation into a playful adventure.

 Hyde Park’s Summer Serenade

Pack your dancing shoes and head to Hyde Park for a vibrant spectacle of summer concerts. Groove to world-renowned artists across diverse genres, from indie beats to pop anthems, and soak up the electrifying atmosphere under the stars.

Rooftop Cinema Nights

Experience the magic of movies under the London sky at one of the city’s numerous rooftop cinemas. Sip on cocktails, savour popcorn, and lose yourself in the latest blockbusters or cult classics, with breathtaking views of the city skyline as your backdrop.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Enter the magical realm of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Discover famous sets, uncover filmmaking tricks, and see up-close the props and costumes from the movies. This enchanting adventure is a must for fans of all ages.

Camden Market Blitz

Unravel the eclectic treasures of Camden Market. Lose yourself in a maze of stalls brimming with vintage clothing, quirky artwork, and international flavours. Haggle for bargains, discover unique handcrafted finds, and soak up the vibrant street art and independent spirit.

Secret Cinema Immersive Experiences

Dive into the heart of your favourite movies at Secret Cinema. These immersive productions are more than just screenings; they’re interactive journeys where you become part of the story, exploring elaborate sets, interacting with actors, and feeling the magic come alive.

Hidden Rooftop Gardens

Escape the city’s bustle and discover London’s hidden rooftop havens. From secret bars nestled among greenery to tranquil gardens offering panoramic views, these urban oases are perfect for enjoying a quiet afternoon tea, a romantic sunset picnic, or a breath of fresh air.

Final Thoughts

London’s summer offers a myriad of experiences, blending cultural richness, outdoor adventures, and vibrant festivities. Embrace the warmth, explore the city’s dynamic offerings, and create lasting memories in the heart of the British capital.