Property investment
Property investment

It’s probably true to say that finding the top buy-to-let neighbourhoods in London is the most difficult task in the UK. But in this piece, we’ll show you how to find them and where to look for them. The beauty is that you can also find the best place you can gamble for real money, be it online or at a land casino. You might be new in the City of London and you do not know where you can get the best property that is affordable. We are going to unfold some of the best places that we think will offer you the best accommodation.

Not only because it has the most expensive section of the country in terms of property values, but also because it is a difficult nut to crack.

It’s because London is made up of multiple housing markets rather than just one. And those markets intersect, resulting in a plethora of intricate sub-markets.

Understanding the London Rental Market

London consists of the highest property prices in the UK. So why invest in there in the first place? Well, that’s a million-dollar question and we are going to share with you why.

The closer you get to the centre, the higher the rents — and vice versa. Yields are frequently tighter because of this.

Let’s share with you some of the best platforms you can use to search for the best place you can buy to rent in the amazing city of London.

HM Land Registry

Based on recent transactions, the UK House Price Index provides the most up-to-date average property selling prices in each London borough.

By accessing their Price Paid data, you can drill down even further and acquire average price paid statistics for every postcode region (or even any street).


In any location, Zoopla’s Area Guide section will provide you with projected property values, current asking prices, and rents. You can also filter results by property size, for example. Whether it is a house, a flat, or a 2/3/4 bed apartment, etc.

Zoopla’s stats, by the way, are based on their own “secret” algorithm. They do not tell you how they came up with their numbers!


Rightmove, like Zoopla, may be used to get information on selling prices and asking rents. Signing up for their monthly Investor Newsletter and specifying the postcode region you are interested in is the easiest method to use it.

Once you have joined up, you will receive a monthly update with the most up-to-date rates and rents, as well as a ready-to-use calculator.


This webpage gathers information on current and previous sales values from the Land Registry and other sources. But the site’s main trick is that it can predict current sales values and likely asking rents for any specific property based on historical data and area trends, even if it isn’t currently for sale or rent.